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Patriot 500 Racing began it's work in 2009. In 2012 we became an established and approved 501(c)3 organization. P500R uses its background with the National Hot Rod Association to inspire and engage youth and promote a passion for life and education. P500R is a STEM based educational program and our goal is to stimulate the minds of students and faculty with whom we work. In addition to STEM programs, support is provided to our military, their families, and research organizations designed to comfort families in need.

Patriot 500 Racing is a non-profit organization. It reaches out to children in grades K-12, their families and communities to teach the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Using visual connections between racing technology and performance we combine that with hands-on demonstrations of mathematics and physics within real-world applications. P500R designs it's volunteer programs into a mobile lab and delivers experiences once only viewed on television, right into the student's classrooms.

P500R also lends a helping hand raising donations for wounded military members, their families, and support programs.

Life skills such as integrity, leadership and dedication to personal growth are tools that must be developed in childhood and then enhanced through adulthood. We believe that with the proper education and support everybody can make a difference in our future and that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

Patriotism is the foundation of where we come from and the strength of our future. It is our belief that supporting our Country, our families and those teachers in life who have made it their mission to better us, we can all rise to the challenge!​

Andrew J. Myers<br>Founder and Director of Operations
Andrew J. Myers
Founder and Director of Operations


Several years ago, I was asked to visit a local high school on behalf of the local Army Recruiting Command to speak on the values and principles necessary to succeed in today’s job market. During each discussion with the students, we looked at the similarity between their school life and what is looked for by an employer; dedication, responsibility, honesty and the search for personal growth. I used my racing experience as an ice breaker and then shifted the focus towards the math and science required to make our team succeed. The students were blown away at the roar of the 1200hp engine. Suddenly, everyone was listening to what I had to say and the response was overwhelming! Word spread throughout the school districts and I was asked to visit more cities and attend other special events. Success of our visits made its way to Ft. Knox, where the Commander of the 3rd Recruiting Brigade asked me to research and include STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) into our future discussions. Little did I know this was the beginning of Patriot500Racing.

Today we have grown into a non-profit organization which reaches students K through 12 and emphasizes the focus of their education. The other joy of our program is to raise funds for the families of wounded soldiers and support programs.

Patriot500Racing competes in the top sportsman ranks at local tracks as well as neighboring states and volunteers it’s time and equipment to any event where they are needed. These events range from school visits, parades, car and air shows or bike runs for the family of a wounded or fallen soldier.

We take great pride in our efforts to make a change and inspire our leaders of tomorrow. It is my goal to help fuel the minds of students through our program and help them succeed. With your support we can all cross the finish line together.

Founder & Director of Operations

Andrew J. Myers


"The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but it is your personal example they will follow." - General Colin Powell