Board of Directors


A.J. is the proud father to his 3 children and leads by example to create the very foundation with which he was raised. His time spent in the USAF as an explosives expert is one of his most memorable challenges. In turn, he holds the honor of serving his country at a time of war closest to his heart which has created the proud patriot he is today. A.J. continues to educate himself to stay on top and ahead of the game. As the owner of a construction company for the past 15 years, A.J. became a master carpenter and a leader by attending classes, colleges, and training facilities to further his education and perfect his abilities.

Hard work, dedication, integrity, and continuing education are the basic principles that have paved the way for Patriot 500 Racing. A.J.’s passion for racing came later in life while attending a national event as a guest of the Army. As with everything else in his life, he needed to know how the cars worked and began to study the science of the cars. A.J. realized that math and engineering mechanics went into these machines to make them perform. A.J. was invited to join a sportsman team as the marketing manager and was schooled in racing. After he obtained his license in 2 separate classes in Gainesville, Florida, A.J. set out to reach for more. Teaming up with the Army, A.J. began to visit schools with the race cars and talk to the students about the performance, science, and commitment it takes to succeed in life, as well as on the track. School after school, A.J. realized there was a bigger picture. The students were responding to him. A difference was made. It was on one of these visits where a young man and a young woman approached him and said, “Thank you for caring about us.”

At that moment Patriot 500 Racing was born. A.J. built this team with the goal to reach as many people as possible, while supporting his pride in the military and raising funds for community projects.


Chris grew up in Dublin, Ohio and graduated from Dublin Coffman High School in 1997. He joined the Army in 2002 after the wake of September 11th. He enlisted as a UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic and was stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield from 2003-2010 where he deployed to Afghanistan in 2004 and to Iraq in 2006 and 2009. He now serves as a recruiter in Canton, Ohio. Chris is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW), lifetime member of Army Aviation Association of American (Quad-A), American Legion and Canton Masonic Lodge #60.

Chris has successfully run multiple registration drives for bone marrow donors and has aided in getting over 3,000 people added to the Bone Marrow Donor registry. He has also taken part in organizing blood drives, fundraisers for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and local charities.

As a US Army Recruiter, Chris has seen firsthand the need for students to see how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) is used in every day jobs and the need to get today’s youth excited about learning in these areas. Chris partnered with Patriot 500 Racing to get students excited about math and science programs in every high school possible.


Becky is in her fourth year of retirement from Ohio Packaging after 31 years of service. She was born and raised in Massillon, Ohio where she lives and raised her own family. Becky’s patriotism comes from a long line of family proudly serving our great nation, including her father, her husband, her son and now both her granddaughter and grandson.

Becky has been an active member of Beta Sigma Phi for 41 years, serving all offices. Currently she serves on her church council and the call committee. She enjoys helping in the community, loves her family, and enjoys working outdoors.

Becky believes Patriot 500 Racing will make a change in the lives of young people. She looks forward to inspiring youth in Ohio and other parts of the country so they can pursue new educational opportunities.


Originally from Canton, OH and a graduate of Jackson High School Megan is the Front House Manager at the Outback Steakhouse in Canton. She has been with Outback for 6 years and has worked her way up through the ranks from a starting server through management and is now awaiting her own restaurant where she will be Owner/Proprietor. Her dedication to customer service and ability to lead an organization is what brought her to Patriot500Racing. Megan believes in the future of education and wishes a program had come along like P500R when she was in school to give her a little more inspiration at an early age. Now she is inspired to influence young women to show them the sport of racing and give them added direction.

Megan attended Kent State University and completed an internship at Disney World college program where she studied Organizational Leadership Courses. She has been associated with Perry High School as an assistant track & field coach for 2 years, volunteers for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Security & Logistics Committee and the Souvenirs Committee, and is the 2004 Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Queen.