Cooper Meshew


One of the many effects that CMT has had on Cooper is that he can’t smile. Imagine not being able to smile! That is tough sometimes because those who do not know this young man mistake him not smiling for not being happy or interested. Cooper can’t play sports. That is especially difficult at 12 years old when so many of his peers play some type of sport on a daily basis. Cooper can’t write. Cooper loves school and is an A student, but he needs assistance to complete his classwork and assignments. Cooper was told he could no longer participate in his school’s band because he could not hold his instrument any more. Cooper loved being in his school band.

Cooper has also recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea as a result of his CMT. Cooper’s eyesight has also been affected. Cooper has orthotic devices (braces) that he wears, but whenever he can choose not to wear them, that is what he chooses because not wearing them helps him feel just a little more like the rest of his friends.

This is a debilitating disorder for Cooper and many other children. However, here is the best part! Cooper chooses not to focus on all of things listed above that he cannot do. Instead he chooses to live his life to the very fullest and he figures out how to do things others would think impossible for him to do.

Cooper has such an awesome personality and a special way about him, that he has gained some exceptional family and friends who help figure out how to make his dreams come true. Cooper goes on huge hunting trips and has brought down some big game! (Rumor has it he may even be on a TV show)!!

Cooper has traveled to Disney and eaten Dole Whip until his heart was content, and has met some VP’s of Disney, and done some exclusive things while there. Cooper flies with a friend in his ultra-light plane. He collects John Deere tractors and is very knowledgeable about all of the equipment. The list goes on and on. That is who Cooper is.

Cooper and his parents would like to thank those who have donated to CMT, as Cooper’s medical treatment and the research done so far have helped him live the life that he has today. It can only get better if the research continues.

Please consider any amount for a donation! Even $5 will help and be appreciated!! Thank you!!!