Mobile Lab (Donors)

In memory of: Trooper Daniel L. Laubacher

Purpose: To continue Danny’s mission of bringing awareness to students of all ages concerning safety on and off the road. To leave an impressionable mark on the outcomes of positive and negative decisions. To lead by integrity, honor, duty and selfless service. To inspire everyone to live their life to the fullest potential laughing and loving each and every day.

Patriotism is the foundation of where we come from and the strength of our future. It is our belief that supporting our country, our families and those teachers in life who have made it their mission to better us, we all can rise to the challenge.

Danny’s Story: Daniel Laubacher was a Jackson Township resident and a Perry High School graduate. Danny joined the Wooster Post of the State Highway Patrol straight from the academy in 1999. He spent part of his time with the patrol assigned to the District Headquarters as a school liaison officer where he often spoke with other officers and area school students for the department’s educational programs. Danny had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. Nicknamed “Skinny”, he was described as a Trooper that used his position to reach out and help others, always making an impression and leaving them stronger than they were before meeting him.

In 2014 Danny was named by his peers as State Trooper of the Year for the Wooster Post of the State Highway Patrol, sadly an award he was never able to accept. On May 13th 2014 Danny unexpectedly passed away just a few days before his 40th birthday. Danny is survived by his wife and high school sweetheart Jennifer, his son Logan, and his daughters Landrey and Lexin.

Upon his passing, stories quickly spread about his various antics, his willingness to always help others, his smile, his laugh and his ability to endear himself to anyone. He had a way of making everyone laugh, making sure he made all feel included.

As expected, Danny’s passing has caused tremendous heartache and sorrow. The Laubacher family gathers frequently to share their memories of him and try to comfort one another. Healing will not come easy to family or friends and in time, hopefully the gradual process will ease their pain. As for now, we all miss Danny, as the void he once filled in our spirits remains silent while we miss his laugh, his smile and his leadership.


The Patriot 500 Racing mobile lab will serve as our permanent base of operations for working and educational benefits while at schools and special events on the road. With 2 levels, all equipment will be stored on the upper level leaving the lower level to be outfitted as the Educational Lab. Students will be engaged and challenged on topics related to Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). By using visual connections between racing technology and performance we combine that with hands-on demonstrations of mathematics and physics to show possibilities within real-world job applications.

Danny had a passion for educating students on the importance of safety and making a difference in their lives. He was the go-to man for community relations and speech details at his post. Without compromising his obligations he had a true love for education. Discussions were under way to bring these two programs together when he unexpectedly passed away. One year later, P500R is continuing these same beliefs and will combine efforts to add Danny’s component to the lessons. With Danny in our thoughts, we will pursue our goals for educating students on principals in STEM fields, safety and the value of positive life choices with the hope that we will reach as many students as possible and make a difference in their lives.

Mission: Patriot 500 Racing reaches out to children in grades K-12, their families and communities, to teach the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). P500R designs its volunteer programs into a mobile lab and delivers experiences once only viewed on television, right into the student’s classrooms. In addition, P500R lends a helping hand raising donations for wounded military members, their families and support programs dedicated to helping those in need.

Values: Life skills such as integrity, leadership and dedication to personal growth are tools that must be developed in childhood and then enhanced through adulthood. We believe that with the proper education and support everybody can make a difference in our future and that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

General layout designs are described here with actual photos and also design possibilities. The overall length of the trailer located is 53’ long and tall enough to accommodate dual purposes. Transportation/Storage (upper level) and Mobil Education LAB (lower level). This will benefit us during inclimate weather days allowing students to experience our program in a heated environment as well as securing their safety.




Patriot 500 Racing is raising funding to help cover the build of the “Trooper Daniel L. Laubacher Memorial Education Lab”. P500R is selling “Rivets on the Rig” (similar to buying or sponsoring a brick in a new building). All sponsors will have their names engraved in a 3’x4’ Silver & Gold plaque permanently mounted inside the lab for everyone to see. All proceeds go towards reimbursing the build of the lab and for educational purposes.


All donations are accepted and are categorized as follows:
$1-$100 BRONZE
$101-$500 SILVER
$501-$1000 GOLD
$1001-$3000 PLATINUM


The Daniel L. Laubacher Inaugural Golf Scramble was held May 30th, 2015, at the Lyons Den golf course in Canal Fulton. Proceeds benefited the Daniel Labaucher Children’s Benevolent Foundation, the Dan Laubacher Memorial Foundation and the Memorial Education Lab. The day’s event included golf, dinner from Outback Steak House, auctions, music, dancing and an evening of fellowship. We hope to continue this tradition.

The Night Under Fire at Summit Motorsports Raceway in Norwalk, OH. During this one-day event that hosts over 35,000 spectators, P500R was featured and acknowledged the dedication of the Daniel L. Laubacher Memorial Educational Lab along with our efforts to make a difference in the lives we reach. Along with a full day of racing and a fireworks display that will left all viewers breathless, P500R hosted raffles, auctions and games inspired by Danny like the “Dunk a Trooper Tank”. Funds raised assisted in the efforts to raise additional funding towards our “Skinny Lab”.

Private and corporate donations continue to be sought to help fuel the program so we can continue to reach as many students as possible. P500R’s program is endorsed by organizations such as the Cleveland National Air Show and Piston Power Show, Stark County Superintendent of Schools, Summit Motorsports Raceway, the US Army Recruiting Command and the NHRA, to name a few. Our networking efforts have taken us to many new and exciting places and we look forward to all the new possibilities still yet to be discovered!

AJ Myers
Founder/Director of Operations